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D.O. Ribeiro


Horreos, pazos and cruceiros


Granite carvings have helped configure out ethnography, both as something that peasants as well as sailors would do. Canteiros, or stoneworkers, have been working for centuries with the stone that they have used to build the thousands of cruceiros that keep watch over the roadways, the ashlars of the heavy-duty walls of the most noble pazos and the hórreos where the most prized crops were stored.

The route of the Camellia


Camellias are the true stars of the show in the stately gardens of local pazos. Try to visit when they are in bloom to witness how the experience becomes a feast for the senses.

The Rias


Galicia's profile is easily recognisable on account of its rías, little fingers of ocean that cut into the land, creating the perfect equilibrium. Their unique waters are the ideal place to cultivate the best fish and seafood.

As Fragas do Eume


Classified as a quintessential Atlantic forest, Fragas do Eume is protected as a natural park. Traveling along its paths, you can discover dozens of native plant species, including ferns and lichens that have been growing in this area since the Cenozoic era.

Have you ever been to Galicia


They used to say that our coastline was the end of the world, but before getting lost in the Atlantic Ocean that was believed to be infinite, we invite you to discover a universe that will awaken your five senses.

National Park "Illas atlánticas de Galicia"

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The Cíes islands lie midway between the Vigo ria and the sunset. Sailing towards the sunset islands is one of the greatest adventures the Galician coast can offer. The maximum recognition as a Foreshore National Park granted to the Illas Atlanticas de Galicia, which comprises four archipelagos, Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada, guarantees the preservation and the improvement of these highly exclusive but fragile ecosystems in the 21st century.

The Way of Saint James


The Way to Santiago has been, and continues to be, without doubt, the oldest, most covered and most celebrated route of the old continent. Jerusalem and Rome were, for centuries, the two poles of attraction for the European pilgrims and travellers, but neither of them had an established route to get there. Santiago has also shared with them the appeal of walkers and wanderers of all the times but has also created a route, a Road.

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