Have you ever been to Galicia


Throughout history, there have been many peoples who tried to conquer us, though when they surrendered to the mysteries we so value, they decided to stay for centuries.

From the era of petroglyphs and dolmens to the walls erected by the Romans and the dozens of hillforts all over, the stones bear witness to the past. Little by little, imposing monasteries and cathedrals rose up, culminating with the masterpiece constructed in Santiago de Compostela.

This is the abode we offer pilgrims who come from all over the world to purify themselves in the botafumeiro after an exhausting journey along the Camino de Santiago, amidst forests of infinite shades of green, enshrouded in fog, and fields dotted with cows and farmers. These vistas, along with the local fishermen and shellfish gatherers, best signify hard work and effort.

Thanks to them, our visitors can feast on the most exquisite delicacies. The turbulent ocean is where the best goose barnacles grow, and the calm rías are home to the tastiest clams, oysters and mussels.

Those from farther inland claim they prepare the most delicious octopus of all, but they also offer the finest cheeses, rapini, potatoes and bread.

We specialise in cornmeal Galician pies (empanadas) filled with cockles, variegated scallops and pretty much anything that runs, flies or swims; in stews; in Spanish omelettes; in seafood platters; in European pilchard paired with Padron peppers (D.O.P. Pementos de Herbón); in roasted chestnuts; in stuffed spider crab; and in applying innovative techniques to natural products that become gold in the hands of today's chefs.

Our tasty and unique wines, with designations of origin such as O Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Rías Baixas, Valdeorras and Monterrei, enliven get-togethers and no meal is complete without coffee liqueur, herb liquor, or the magical queimada punch, accompanied by spells. We jump over waves in search of fertility, on the night of San Juan our beaches are ablaze with bonfires, we have rocks with curative powers, herbs hanging off the side of cliffs that inspire love, and fountains in which miraculous waters flow.

If you come to visit us, you Will discover scenery where rivers wend their way through vineyards, fine, white sand beaches bathed by a tumultuous sea, medieval towns and fishing villages with an unforgettable scent of the sea, World Heritage monuments and islands inhabited by unique species.

Living in Galicia offers you a singular experience, the chance to escape routine, travel through nature in its purest form, get lost in the mystery and find inner peace.


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